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Swimming Earplugs Malleable Thermoplastic

Price: USD $4.99

Hearing canal and auricle protection.


Putting in the plugs

It is very important to carefully read the instructions in the box. Knead the plugs between your fingers to make them more malleable. In this way, you can position them perfectly. PLEASE NOTE: As indicated in the instructions, the plugs must remain close to the surface, and not pushed into the ear canal.


malleable plastic


Main fabric : 100.0% Thermoplastic Polyethylene

Storage Instructions

Put the plugs back in their box between sessions.

Care Instructions

Rinse swimming ear plugs after each use.



Very soft silicone earplugs that adapt to fit the shape of your ear.




Hearing canal and auricle protection.

Anatomical design

Malleable, adapting to the surface. Do not insert too deeply into the ear canal


Soft earplugs that fit ear shape. Hypoallergenic product.



occasional or regular swimmers looking for ear protection


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