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The Sign by Liam Montier - A star sign revelation

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Deal: GBP £ 8.99 (Save 40%)

Inspired by Nick Trost and Peter Nardi, 'The Sign' is Liam Montier's Star Sign Revelation. It's difficult to imagine a more direct method for revealing this personal information about any spectator you meet!!

There’s no anagrams, memory work (you don’t even need to know anything about the signs!) no rough and smooth or sticky stuff.

Before anything, you remove a packet of gorgeously designed and specially produced Zodiac cards, before asking a total stranger what their sign is. The card bearing their sign is removed, and placed in full view on the table.

The other cards are displayed, and they all have blue backs…

Astonishingly, the one bearing your spectators star sign is turned over (ideally by the spectator themselves) and turns out to be the only one with a red back!

No tricky sleight of hand
Instant reset
No memory work or anagrams
Self contained
The ultimate ice breaker

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