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The Three Sisters Bracelet

Price: USD $30.00

The inspiration behind this piece reflects that of the brightly lit, Orion’s Belt constellation which is also known to be called the “Three Sisters”. This name suits the design perfectly as I have three sisters myself & it has always been a personal favorite of mine. With each initial of the star’s individual names (Alnitak, Alnilam & Mintaka) being the same as my three sisters, I’d say this design was meant to be.

◊ Three round CZ charms
◊ 14k yellow gold-filled chain
◊ One inch gold-filled chain extender with a tiny CZ dangle charm
◊ All necklace findings (clasp, jump rings, & tag) are 100% gold-filled to ensure the highest quality piece
◊ Model is wearing the 6.5" length 

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