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Value Pack Disposable Underarm Pads

"Value Pack" Highly Absorbent Peel & Stick Disposable Underarm Pads. Style # MW4900 and MW4903

Price: USD $9.99


Highly absorbent, peel & stick, noiseless, thin, discreet, convenient, easily applied disposable unisex underarm shields which adhere securely to all fabrics including silks. Provides outstanding protection from odors and wet-thru staining.

Each underarm shield has 3 wide and strong adhesive peel-off strips which will stay securely placed all day long better than any other disposable product made.

No pins, straps or washing necessary. Non-woven super-absorbent top layer and a waterproof, noiseless back layer. Very comfortable.No irritation. Quick-drying

For men and women.

One size fits all. 

We are aware that men and women are pressed during these difficult economic times so we created a “Value Pack Disposable Product” with a discounted value price. Now men and women can comfortably and economically wear these highly absorbent functional disposables with no chance of unsightly obviousness leading to embarrassment. Measuring 5” x 5 ¾” these can be discreetly worn every day with no fear of them falling off like some other disposable pads on the market.

Feel comfortable and protected better than any other competitive product at a better price.

An even better and stronger adhesive has been added to make the product even better! This product has been extremely successful for us….Kleinert’s has again raised the bar for ultimate quality and performance.

 Measures: 5" x 5 3/4"


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