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Shimano Saint, TRP, Vandorm V-COMP CERAMIC COMPOUND Disc Brake Pads

Price: GBP £ 9.99
Deal: GBP £ 7.99 (Save 20%)
Ceramic Pads

Vandorm V-COMP Ceramic Disc Pads have been custom manufactured to meet and exceed braking standards.
V-COMP RED pads are constructed using a high quantity concentration of ceramic fibres, this offers smoother on demand braking, longer pad life in all conditions, with Vandorm’s Unique heat insulator formula construction you will have less heat build up, due to the higher density ceramic and softer compound this dramatically slows the heat “Build-Up” process which most pads suffer from,  This leaves you a better feeling lever for longer, a huge braking advantage over standard Resin and organic pads….. Once you go Vandorm V-COMP ceramic pads you will never go back!!
The ultimate upgrade to your braking system, Low noise and longer service life! Asbestos / Lead / Copper FREE compound make it better for the environment.
To Fit:
SHIMANO Saint M810/M820/M640
TRP Quadiem, Slate
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