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Volta by Fun Factory

Price: GBP £94.99

Whether you’re teasing yourself with the lightest touch of the VOLTA’s tips or lying back and letting the highest setting blow you away, this vibe offers the power and versatility you crave.

Let the dynamic tips utter against the clit for incredibly powerful sensation. Cover your hotspots in vibration! Place one tip against the clit and one against the vaginal opening. Place one tip on either side of the shaft and use the VOLTA as a stroker – awesome for BJs!

The movement of the VOLTA’s dynamic tips amplify its vibration, boost your arousal, and heighten sensitivity, letting you feel more than ever before. Explore a range of sensations from the wild percussion of the moving tips against your hotspots to classic vibration when you press the VOLTA against your body. You can even warm up with a light touch and then amp up the vibration and pressure when you want to get down to business. We recommend that you try positioning the tips in different places—on either side of the clit, against the hood, with one tip against the vaginal opening, around the labia—and find your favorite way to vibe with the VOLTA.

Made with FUN FACTORY’s dedication to quality, VOLTA comes with a two year warranty. 

To be used with water base lubricant only!

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