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Sparrows VORAX complete professional cylinder lock access kit - UKBumpKeys

Sparrows VORAX complete professional cylinder lock pick access kit

Price: GBP £73.99
Sparrows VORAX - Advanced Lock Picking Tools

The Sparrows VORAX set offers a complete selection of professional rakes, picks and tension tools for the serious Single Pin Picker and lock Raker.

Combining years of experience and design into one set, the VORAX provides serious lock picking ability with style, premium manufacture and attention to detail.

This distinct and impressive set is the definitive all-in creation of professional lock pickers who demand quality and precision design.

Each set contains:

1 x Snake rake
1 x Triple peak
1 x Twin Peak
1 x Worm Rake
1 x Short Hook
1 x Euro Hook
1 x Steep Hook
1 x Offset Hybrid
1 x Half Diamond
1 x High Reach
1 x City Rake
1 x SSDeV High
1 x SSDeV Long
1 x SSDeV Deep
4 x Comb Flat bars
1 x Laser Engraved SANDMAN Pick
6 x Tension wrenches including one for picking Tubular locks.
1 x MULTICAM Black Sherman Case with 3D Patch


This great set is best paired with our discounted bundle of clear practice locks to ensure you get enough practice and learn to use all your tools correctly.

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