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Warhammer 40,000: Build+Paint Space Ork Trukkboyz

Price: AUD $ 29.99
Deal: AUD $ 26.99 (Save 10%)

The alien Orks of the far future are a persistent and deadly enemy of the human Imperium. The mainstay of the Ork armies or warbands are the Boyz - tough warriors who live for battle. They fight with sturdy guns or in close combat with big choppas. When the Ork war cry â the Waaagh! â rises, the Boyz take to their Trukks and speed manically towards the enemy, guns blazing! INCLUDES 1x Ork Wartrukk 4x Ork Boyz 1x Paintbrush 1x Plastic Glue 4x Citadel mini Paints 1x Sticker Sheet Requires assembly and painting.

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