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Xcessor Replacement Comfort Foam Earbuds 4 Pairs (Set of 8 Pieces) - Round FX-49 - Medium, Blue

Price: EUR €6.60

Features and Differences:

- Foam earbuds provide much more comfortable wearing as the standard silicone earbuds would

- They are much softer which makes them fit in an ear quite nicely and expand to a form that it perfectly covers up the entire inner part of the ear

- Provides better noise reduction and doesn’t influence the sound of the earphones

- High compatibility due to the huge variations of inner sizes of the foam earbuds

- Fit for every person no matter the age or ear size due to the wide option of sizes and the earbuds flexibility.

How to I pick the right size:

It might look very complicated but it’s not as it seems. The best way to find your fit is to pick the inner size of the earbuds which means, checking if the earbud will fit your earphones and it’s really easy to do as every model has its own inner size. For example, if your current earbuds inner diameter is 4.9 mm, you choose foam earbud model with the diameter of 4.9 mm(49) – Simple!

The next step is to pick the size which will fit your ear. This is where it gets really interesting. The foam earbuds are very soft and they are easy to fit in almost any ear, however, if you feel like a certain size will fit you the best, you can always choose what you think is the right choice but if you’re not sure which one fits you, we have an option to choose a set of every size!

Don’t be afraid to drop a message with a question or concern about the foam earbuds. We’ll always help you out if you’re unable to decide what’s good for you or if you are in need of a change!

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