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Intelligent Pro XJ-3800 Air Purifier

Price: USD $220.00
  • Air-cleaning technologies that are tested and recommended by Government Agencies
  • Sensor technology monitors air quality, performance & filter life
  • 7 advanced purification technologies to remove nearly all pollutant types
  • Auto mode adjusts fan speed according to pollution level
  • Removed 99.9% of particles in air chamber test
  • Capable of covering large area
  • High-Efficiency True HEPA filter to remove dust & allergens
  • Highly-absorbent activated carbon filter for odors & chemicals
  • Emits air-cleaning negative ions
  • Germ-killing UV lamp
  • Photocatalytic odor/VOC/bacteria filter
  • Electrostatic dust collector grid
  • Cleanable pre-filter
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