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Zeph And The Yeti by Kim Ladiges (Book) Find Your Feet Hobart Tasmania

Zeph And The Yeti - Kim Ladiges (Book)

Price: AUD $24.95

The story opens with Zeph, a boy who bides his time dreaming of heroic adventures that will take him far away from his dull existence as an average schoolboy.  Soon the ambitious goal of finding the Yeti - the abominable snowman inhabiting the Himalaya- occurs to him and he wastes no time for unnecessary things such as planning or consulting his parents, as he enthusiastically embarks upon his audacious quest.  Zeph's daring and often hilarious adventures take him over high waves, green jungles and snowy mountain tops, where he often finds himself in deep trouble.  But will Zeph find out the true nature of this terrible other?


Bored with school and humdrum days

Zeph dreams of all the faraways

Are Yétis real? Could they exist?

Now here’s a question Zeph can’t resist


Grabbing his gear and broadly brimmed hat

No passport or plans, just map and a cat

With perils a plenty, Zeph better beware

So come for the journey, read on if you dare!!!


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